Lego Compatible Adhesive Tape

It’s no secret that we are huge proponents of all things LEGO. Simply put, those little plastic bricks are one of the coolest toys of all time. In fact, the only real problem that we have with them is that there aren’t enough surfaces onto which we can attach them. Well, now there can be thanks to this LEGO-Compatible Adhesive Tape.

That’s right. On one side of this magical material there’s an adhesive strip and a LEGO grid on the other. That means anything you stick it to immediately becomes a surface onto which you can practice your Master Builder Skills. And, besides being flexible enough cut across corners and wrap around spherical shapes, the adhesive side can be re-stuck more than once. That means, once you’re done building, you can remove it and use it again later. And if you’re not content with using one long strip, this tape is easy to cut, so you can customize your LEGO tape surfaces. A 2-pack of 2-meter rolls – which come in a number of colors – will retail for $13. [Purchase]