LEGO Chevrolet Batmobile

If you’ve seen the Lego Movie, then you already know that Lego Batman is one of the highlights of the film. And that says a lot because the Lego Movie was amazing. If you haven’t, rest assured the character was a fan favorite enough that they’re doing a spinoff based on him. To celebrate that upcoming film, Lego teamed up with Chevrolet to bring us this amazing larger-than-life recreation of the character’s signature vehicle, the Batmobile.

Clocking in at 17 feet long, 9.25 feet wide, and 6.92 feet tall, this amazing toy brick replica took 222 hours to design, 1,833 hours to build, and 344,187 Lego bricks. But it isn’t just sheer numbers; they’ve gone into incredible detail as well, incorporating everything from a lego decal of the vehicles name (“The Speedwagon”) to the tread on the tires. In fact, the design even incorporates exclusive stud shooters into the construction (though we can’t verify if they are functional or not). In any case, not only is this an incredible work of art, it’s a testament to the creativity and brilliance of the master builders behind it. And it’s gotten us pretty excited about the upcoming release of the Lego Batman Movie.