LEGO Shines a Worthy Light on Black Creators & Afrofuturism

Photo: LEGO

LEGO has made clear where they land on the spectrum of equality in the past with its vibrant Everyone Is Awesome build. Looking to push its inclusive agenda forward, the revered toy company is celebrating Black History Month by shedding some light on Ekow Nimako, a talented Toronto-based artist that sculpts unique Afrofuturist models from a plethora of LEGO elements.

While we’ve grown to know these individual bricks as mere pieces of a puzzle more so than anything else, Nimako holds high reverence for LEGO pieces and the brand’s meticulous detail, describing them as “Tiny plastic elements (that) act as DNA for complex entities that breathe life into their environment.” As a result, the Ghanaian-Canadian sculptor has built immaculate models that put forth the limitless promise that Afrofuturism and Africanfuturism are centered around.

Although his awe-inspiring portfolio is impressive in its own right, Nimako has come together with the Danish manufacturer to encourage worldwide builders to celebrate tradition through a trio of distinct Ghanaian Adinkra symbol models. These three include the symbol of versatility and initiative in Nkyinkyim, the symbol of quality control in Hwe Me Dua, and, lastly, the symbol of cooperation and encouragement, Nwoforo Dua Pa A. In efforts to change the world’s view regarding the African Diaspora, these builds serve as incredible building blocks no matter who you are.

Regardless of whether it is February or not, highlighting Black artists is integral no matter what the particular medium is, and LEGO is well aware of that. Make sure to check out the remainder of Nimako’s work and try your hand at building these three symbols to celebrate Black History Month.

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Photo: LEGO