Lego Caterham Lotus Seven

If you ever found yourself lusting after the the legendary Lotus Seven or its revival by British custom sportscar manufacturer Caterham after they purchased the rights to remake it, knowing full-well you’d never actually get to have one for yourself, we’ve got good news. Well, sort of. The folks at lauded building-block toy manufacturer Lego have announced that a concept model, envisioned and initially built by fan designer Carl Geartrix in conjunction with Lego designer Henrik Andersen, is going into production.

With availability opening up on October 1st of this year and for an MSRP of just $80, you can get your hands on a small-scale plastic brick replica model of the classic lightweight two-seater sports car. Measuring up at 11 inches long, 5 inches wide, and 3 inches tall, this model features a removable engine cover, nose cone, engine, and a trunk that actually opens – making this highly detailed lego set a shockingly loyal reproduction of Lotus-cum-Caterham’s circuit-racer. It even comes with four miniature axel stands if you ever feel compelled to give the tires a rotation.