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LEGO Reveals 3,981-Piece ‘Batman Returns’ Batcave Shadowbox Set

LEGO Batman Returns Batcave Shadowbox Set 0 Hero
Photos: LEGO

Tim Burton’s 1992 film Batman Returns is a cult classic among Batman and campy film fans. The movie has some of the most memorable superhero performances, with Danny Devito’s legendary Penguin and Christopher Walken as Max Shreck. Although we’ve seen Batman LEGO sets and pieces before, there’s been no large-scale set referencing the Burton movies. But now LEGO has announced the “Batman Returns” Batcave Shadowbox Set, an official collaboration with Warner Bros and DC Comics.

LEGO Batman Returns Batcave Shadowbox Set 1
Photo: LEGO

Not only is it a fully realized bat lair with plenty of options for play, but it’s also a celebration of the classic 90s Batman movies with Michael Keaton as the lead. The 3,981-piece set features a full Batcave complete with a Batmobile and cutout in the shape of the hero’s iconic symbol. Inside the cave are a myriad of functions and play opportunities, like being able to change the “channel” on the surveillance screens, moving various pieces of furniture, and doors and vaults able to be opened and closed. While this large set houses plenty of features, it’s also a diorama easily placed on the mantle or the bookshelf- something that LEGO has been perfecting, especially this last decade for its movie tie-ins. A light brick is also included that illuminates our hero’s suit after the drawbridge is lowered, and the included 1989 Batmobile houses independently controlled pop-up machine guns.

LEGO Batman Returns Batcave Shadowbox Set 2
Photo: LEGO

As for the mini-figures, Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth are making return appearances to the LEGO world, in addition to revamps of the Catwoman and Penguin figures. With DC’s The Flash movie on the horizon – along with the awaited performance of Batman Returns’ main character Michael Keaton – this set comes at the perfect time for fans of the DC Comics universe.

LEGO Batman Returns Batcave Shadowbox Set 3
Photo: LEGO

The LEGO “Batman Returns” Batcave Shadowbox Set is available only to LEGO VIP members starting June 5th and everyone else on June 8th for $400.