Create Mosaic-Style Pop Culture Posters With 3,000-Piece LEGO ART Sets

Having existed for 70 years, LEGO blocks have been used to create all manner of artworks and projects, from elaborate full-scale vehicle replicas to enormous murals comprised of the colorful little pieces. And the Danish toy company is now embracing its blocks’ ability to create 2D displays via a new product line appropriately dubbed the “LEGO ART” collection.

Rather than being comprised of the traditional blocks, these mosaic-style offerings are made up of roughly 3,000 round, colorful bead-like pieces that almost resemble M&Ms or Skittles that have been perfectly cross-sectioned. The LEGO ART displays also come with a “canvas” piece that holds the circular LEGO pieces. Initially, LEGO has unveiled four members of the new ART lineup: an Andy Warhol kit; The Beatles kit, an Iron Man kit, and a Star Wars The Sith kit. Each of the four adult LEGO sets can yield multiple “posters” though users also have the option of building out their own 2D artworks. Each of the four sets also includes a “signature” piece that’s exclusive to each particular set. Priced at $120 each, the LEGO ART collection is slated for an initial release this August, followed by the American market release the following month.

Purchase: $120