LEGO Goes Big With This 1,767-Piece Empire State Building

The Empire State Building, which is almost a century old, is easily the most iconic skyscraper in New York. It was released as a standard LEGO architecture set at one point and was also part of a New York City skyline, but none of those iterations did justice to the majestic building. The LEGO Architecture 21046 Empire State Building is a massive tower that finally does the man-made structure right.

The 1,767-piece set stands at 22 inches when fully built with every notable detail of the beautiful building included. It even has streets on two sides and a few yellow cars that could be taxicabs for a more authentic feel. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature a LEGO King Kong at the very top, but you can get creative and build your own brick beast. The LEGO Architecture 21046 Empire State Building is set to drop sometime in August and will cost $110.

Purchase: $110