Lechal Smart Insoles

Fitness has seen a major resurgence of popularity in recent years. And with it, technology has followed suit – leading to a veritable flooding of electronic tracking devices. Most of them, however, offer very little variation in style and, as a result, aren’t particularly innovative. Rather than adhering to the popular (and played out) bracelet silhouette, the folks at Lechal decided to do things a bit differently. Theirs can be worn on your feet.

Disguised underneath insoles, these clever devices hide away inside your shoes beneath comfortable cushion. But, when paired with the included app, they do far more than keep your feet comfy. They can track steps taken, calories burnt, distance travelled and so on. And that’s not even the end of it; they also offer GPS tracking and navigation. How, you ask? Well, these little inserts can vibrate individually to tell you which direction to turn at upcoming intersections. Best of all, if you’ve already got some top of the line insoles but you still want to use the trackers, they come with clips than can be attached to the outsides of your shoes. A pair of these with a charger and the clips will cost you $100. [Purchase]