Leatherman Wave+ Custom Shop

With their long list of available options, impeccable designs, and long involvement in the everyday carry gear space — Leatherman might just be the best multi-tool brand out there. And they’ve just separated themselves from the pack even further by introducing their Custom Shop.

Leatherman’s online Custom Shop allows you to completely personalize the appearance of one of the brand’s most popular multi-tools. Presently, the service is only available for their Wave+ — though they have plans to add more multi-tool favorites to the shop over the course of the next month. Even still, the options are quite extensive — including letting your choose between silver or black, selecting from a database of available images and patterns (or uploading your own) to apply to either side of the handles and blades, and you can even alter the size, shape, and angle of the graphics. Of course, the tool itself still boasts 18+ built-in tools, a solid stainless steel construction, and comes with a MOLLE nylon sheath. Pricing starts at $100.

Purchase: $100+