Leatherman’s FREE K2 Is An Exceptional Ultralight EDC Multi-Tool Knife

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Whenever we hear the world “multi-tool,” our minds immediately spring for the most iconic proprietor in the genre: Leatherman. The EDC space wouldn’t be where it is today without the transcendental brand, and while they’ve designed more than their fair share of interesting utilitarian tools, they’ve surprised us with their newest release — the FREE K2 multi-tool knife.

While many of the brand’s most recognizable tools have taken on the form of a functionally-focused needlenose plier, there’s no doubt that Leatherman’s recent blade is anything short of capable. Inside of the item’s knife-styled chassis, users will find an entire suite of lockable secondary instruments — including a pry tool, package opener, Phillips screwdriver, and an AWL than can puncture a wide range of materials at a moment’s notice. Of course, these are all secondary to the FREE K2’s high-carbon stainless steel blade, which boasts a corrosion-resistant construction and 3.3-inch length. Each ergonomic example is made right here in the USA and calls upon Leatherman’s proprietary magnetic locking system/intuitive architecture to provide quick access when you need it most. Head to the company’s website to pick up one of your own for $70.

Purchase: $70