Lean Skateboard

Doing 35 mph on a skateboard sounds pretty intense, but if it involves leaving any precious epidermis on the pavement, yeah, we’re gonna have to pass.

The Lean Skateboard might actually be one longboard that we’d feel comfortable going neck and neck with a car on – provided we’re padded up like an NHL goalie – since it bypasses the standard truck with a multi-link truck that actually allows the 120-mm wheels to lean into turns. Creator Enzo Prathamesh Shinde says that results in a much more stable ride, making the board a great fit for riding downhill with some giddyup behind you. Steering is also enhanced with a simple four-bar linkage system which is attached to the board, giving every joint two rotational degrees of freedom. The freedom to do 35 mph, and the freedom to not shed any skin while doing so. [Purchase]

Lean Skateboard 2

Lean Skateboard 3

Lean Skateboard 4

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