LDN Born Mutt Limited Edition Cafe Racer

Mutt Motorcycles believes that it can give every person out there a custom-built motorcycle at an affordable price with the LDN Born Mutt. Built for on and off-road action, the result is a saucy café racer-style bike that looks like it just rolled off a vintage assembly line complete with a Buster + Punch custom paint job that pops.

The LDN Born Mutt Motorcycles are going to be done in limited runs of 50 with each piece being given true hands-on care and attention, so you’re getting much more service behind the scenes than you would if you were buying straight off the line. The LDN Motorcycles will bear custom upholstery, but that’s just for show. They also have 125cc engines that will be spinning a pair of 18” Twinduro tires all behind a tinted headlight that recalls early cycles, the likes of which Steve McQueen favored. The LDN Born Mutt will carry a sticker price of $6,500. [Purchase]

LDN Born Mutt Limited Edition Cafe Racer 2

LDN Born Mutt Limited Edition Cafe Racer 3