LD Cube Hi-Fi Speaker Coffee Table

Feb 9, 2015

Category: Tech

Despite the prevailing winds of music being more about convenience than quality, some companies are still invested in making the listening experience a memorable one.

La Boite Concept is embracing that philosophy with the LD Cube, a coffee table-sized Hi-Fi speaker that’s dedicated to laptops and all wireless devices. The Cube features 100 Watts of sound coming through 6 drivers, 2 medium woofers, 2 tweeters, and 2 full range rear drivers for what LBC calls Wide Stereo Sound, so you’re enveloped in sound in your living room. An HD wireless music kit is integrated in the table’s legs, letting you connect with ease. Of course a big part of the appeal is that the Cube looks great sitting there, with a stylish design that will surely make any gadget-hating girlfriend pleased. [Purchase]

LD Cube Hi-Fi Speaker Coffee Table 1

LD Cube Hi-Fi Speaker Coffee Table 2

LD Cube Hi-Fi Speaker Coffee Table 3

LD Cube Hi-Fi Speaker Coffee Table 4

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