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Lazarini’s 450′ Luxe Superyacht Has A Control Tower That Turns Into A Boat

Since the turn of the millennium, the superyacht sector has absolutely exploded, with the production of the large-scale vessels seeing a more than 225% increase between ’98 and ’08. In a bid to constantly raise the bar in this elite sector, shipbuilders have consistently launched increasingly ambitious and luxurious designs, though few if any superyachts manage to push the envelope quite like the Lazzarini Avanguardia.

Penned by Italian designer and concept artist, Pierpaolo Lazzarini, the Avanguardia measures 450’ in length, boasts five decks, and is inspired by the silhouette of a swan. Capable of reaching speeds of 20mph, the vessel’s powered by a massive engine made by MTU (a Rolls-Royce subsidiary). Capped off by a helipad and beach club, the ship’s stern features a docking bay for a pair of submersibles, while a section of the port side opens to reveal a massive hangar for accommodating cars, jet skis, and other toys. The most noteworthy element, however, is undoubtedly Avanguardia’s swan head control tower, which can be raised or lowered and also doubles as a removable 52.5’ tender boat. Thus far the Avanguardia’s only reached the rendered, conceptual phase, though the Italian outfit believes the design could be brought to fruition for around half-a-billion dollars.

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