Lazareth Wazuma GT

All Photography: Geoffray Chantelot

While a lot of the innovation in the automobile market seems centered primarily on self-driving technologies and the use of electric engines, a few auto makers are still spending the time to just turn out wild looking cars for the sake of it. Just take the Lazareth’s Wazuma GT for an example.

Not quite a motorcycle yet not exactly a car either, this vehicle looks like the lovechild of a bathtub Porsche and a Kawasaki Ninja. While it has four wheels, the back two are so close together they are functionally just one giant wheel. Sitting low to the ground and featuring shallow seats, both passenger and driver can really feel all of the 385 horsepower produced by the V8 Supercharged Jaguar 4.0 engine. With a 2,000 pound curb weight and 387 pound-feet of torque, this 5-speed automatic has a nearly unmatched power to weight ratio, making acceleration feel totally unique. Given all this power and the lack of a top, it wouldn’t be a bad idea that both passenger and driver throw on a little extra protection before hopping in.Prices are available upon request. [Purchase]

Lazareth Wazuma GT 1

Lazareth Wazuma GT 2

Lazareth Wazuma GT 3

Lazareth Wazuma GT 4

Lazareth Wazuma GT 5