Lazareth Is Putting Their 4-Wheeled LM 410 High-Powered Moto Into Production

Last year, Lazareth unveiled an insane, hovercraft-esque motorcycle dubbed the LMV496. While the innovative bike stole the spotlight for a vast majority of the motorcycling community, the company was working to debut an alternative platform, the LM 410, to celebrate its 20th Anniversary. Now, the equally-enticing bike is slated for an ultra-limited production run, and its release date is nearer than you think.

The Lazareth LM 410 draws upon the company’s traditional design terminology, contracting a parallel dual-wheel setup on the front and rear, and accenting it with the sleek styling of its LM 847 model. Below its refined bodywork, a requisitioned 998cc Yamaha R1 motor serves to provide optimal power for the bike’s four-wheel architecture, resulting in maximized traction and stability for riders of every type. To bridge the gap between professional and amateur riders, the LM 410 was designed to be as accessible as possible, calling upon Rizoma’s renowned controls and equipment, and a bespoke pendulum tilting mechanism that allows the cycle’s wheels to remain in contact with the road’s surface at all times. That being said, the bike is still relatively “unaccessible” — only 10 models are slated for production, and each will garner a price tag of approximately $108,000, making the LM 410 a pipe-dream for most moto aficionados.

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