Lazareth La Moto Volante 496 Flying Motorcycle

When it comes to custom motorcycles, the French folks at Lazareth have never been known to shy away from the more extreme side of the spectrum. In fact, some might think it insane just to climb aboard their marvelously monstrous creations. But they’ve just upped the ante into the sky, literally, with their LMV 496 flying motorcycle.

Yes, you read that correctly: Lazareth has built a motorcycle that can fly. Modeled after their LM847 — a bonkers 470hp V8 on a quartet of wheels — the styling of La Moto Volante is unmistakable, but there are also some key differences. For instance, in conjunction with an all-electric swap of the road-going engine, each wheel features a JetCat jet turbine — all of which tilt outward via hydraulic actuators to transform this beast into a hoverbike with a 10-minute flight time and a collective horsepower measured at 1,300. Then, once you’re ready to head back to the ground, it transforms back into a proper bike with the push of a button. It also boasts kevlar carbon composite body panels, a digital dash, and more. Best of all, they’re actually building five of them at a price of $560,000 each.

Purchase: $560,000