LAYER Envisions Pandemic-Proof Movies With Its Smart ‘Sequel Seats’

Due to the onset of the global pandemic, the film industry has been immeasurably affected. At the center of it all, theaters seem to have suffered the most due to prolonged closures, a complete hindrance of income, and eventual bankruptcy. To remedy this (at least partially), LAYER has conceptualized the “Sequel Seat” — a premium, in-theater arrangement that looks to entice viewers back to establishments in a post-COVID world.

Elaborating on AMC’s personalized seating arrangements, LAYER’s futuristic offering introduces a truly individualized experience. Each seat will feature a set of integrated speakers, a LED nameplate for its occupant, and removable protective screens that help to separate viewers from one another while in close proximity. To ensure that the seat is adequately sanitized between showings, LAYER has introduced a built-in UV sterilization system, hydrophobic, antimicrobial 3D knitted fabric upholstery, and a sleek, crevice-free design that promotes cleanliness. Inspired by the palettes and color choices of Wes Anderson’s most iconic films, the ‘Sequel’ is an ambitious look at the future of in-theater seating. Head to LAYER’s website for a closer look at the proposed alternative.

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