Lawless Bikes Birch Scrambler Replicas

For most of the custom motorcycle aficionados out there, it might prove difficult to find a family-friendly iteration of your favorite BMW or Triumph moto. Now, the perfect middle ground between a powerful full-size cycle and a purpose-driven, minimalistic design has been struck — thanks, in large part, to South Africa’s Lawless Bikes.

Lawless is the personal project of Paarl’s Johann de Wet, an intelligence consultant who wanted to create a miniaturized cafe racer replica for his children based off of his favorite BMW and Triumph design principles. Each piece of the down-scaled balance bike was initially designed by Johann and introduced into a CAD program where refinements are implemented before the final CNC-cut from birch plywood. Next, the mini-moto is assembled by hand and adorned with traditional motorcycle components ranging from grips and wheels, all the way to custom leather upholstery. The plywood peripherals are then treated, spray painted, and paired with a Lawless badge — resemblant of the marque seen on flagship BMW and Triumph motorcycles the replicas are hoping to emulate.

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