A Potent Preamp With Built-In Effects Powers This Carbon Fiber Guitar

In guitars, especially acoustics, hardwood can sound remarkably beautiful. But it’s also quite delicate and susceptible to warping and cracking when exposed to a changing environment. Guitar makers have been trying to figure out for years how to build instruments that sound good but aren’t as fragile. While carbon fiber guitars aren’t anything new, the folks at Lava Music appear to have figured out how to do it right with their LAVA ME PRO guitar.

Built from solid weatherproof carbon fiber that gives it the ability to survive in temperatures of up to 203-degrees Fahrenheit, there’s no doubting how sturdy this instrument is. But the bigger issue is that carbon fiber is not entirely acoustically sound. To cope with this, Lava Music has turned theirs into an acoustic-electric via their most powerful preamp system ever, which can shape the sound of the instrument — including applying built-in effects — with or without being plugged into an amp. On top of that, they took inspiration from the aerospace industry to perfect their soundboard for loud, organic sound. As if that’s not enough, each one — priced starting at $1,399 — comes with a space-age case that hardens molecularly on impact to protect the instrument within.

Purchase: $1,399+