Lava Evolved Its Carbon Fiber Guitar To Be 15% Lighter & 70% Stronger

When we first heard about Lava’s carbon fiber guitar last year, we were impressed. This was an instrument with built-in effects that was light, strong, and sounded great — all while being much more resilient and durable than a traditional guitar made of wood. Well, now the company has gone and made their carbon fiber guitar even better with the completely overhauled Lava Me 2.

The Lava Me 2 guitar takes everything you like about the original Lava Me and turns it up to 11, so to speak. It features a new curved BreatheNet Honeycomb carbon fiber interior structure that is 15% lighter and 70% stronger than before while providing better and more powerful acoustics. The guitar is also made from a new carbon fiber material called Super AirSonic that weighs the same as the brand’s AirSonic material but is 20% stronger. The reengineered FlyNeck is 300% stiffer than its predecessor while also being more comfortable for every player, the fretboard has been assembled with the most precise fret-machining equipment on the planet, and the new FreeBoost preamp can function as a speaker, allowing players to use reverb, delay, and chorus effects without plugging into an amp. The Lava Me 2 guitar is available in five colors, and ranges in price from $599 for the acoustic version to $799 for the FreeBoost.

Purchase: $599+

Photo: Lava Music