Laundroid Laundry Folding Robot

Jan 12, 2017

Category: Tech

No matter which way you cut it, folding laundry is not anyone’s idea of a good time. A time to clear your head and listen to podcasts or watch some T.V.? Sure. But fun? Eh. Thankfully for those who want to rid themselves of the task altogether, there is the Laundroid Laundry Folding Robot.

How does it work? As of right now the Japanese company, Seven Dreamers isn’t quite ready to let the cat out of the bag. They are willing to let us in on the fact that it uses artificial intelligence and a special image processing to recognize different items of clothing and fold them. Doubtful of how real this whole thing is? Sound too good to be true? We thought so too – but Seven Dreamers showed up at CES this year ready to demonstrate in front of a live audience and they didn’t disappoint. The machine can take up to 40 different pairs of pants, shirts, or undergarments. Only downside? It takes 5 minutes to fold a single shirt. Not quite a John Henry story yet. Prices are yet to be announced. [Purchase]

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