Lanmodo Automatic Car Tent

Photos: Lanmodo

A car tent may sound unnecessary, or even useless, at first, but it’s an invention that you didn’t know you needed. Lanmodo created the ultimate car tent that does much more than you think.

This giant umbrella is made from military grade fiberglass material and triple layer PU oxford cloth, giving it the ability to protect your car from snow, sleet, wind and the scorching sun because not everyone is spoiled by the weather in San Diego. With just a click of a button, you can set this car canopy up or take it down as you please. It even has a windproof design, allowing it to withstand 30mph winds, and it has double anti-theft technology so it won’t get snatched off your car roof. Imagine never having to scrape off snow, clean up bird droppings or burn up in your vehicle when you enter it on a hot day, as this tent can cool down your car’s temperature up to 36 degrees. If you want to go all out, you can also pick up the all-in-one unit that comes with everything necessary to turn the car tent into a beach umbrella or an LED camping tent. Lanmodo’s car tent is able to cover most vehicles, including SUVs and pickup trucks, and is available right now.

Purchase: $400