‘PEGASUS’ Is A Series III Defender Turned Into A 6×6 800HP Overlander

As one of the most iconic and celebrated off-road vehicles in history, the Land Rover Series III Defender has been treated to all manner of modifications and elaborate custom transformations, so very seldom do Series III projects venture into novel territory. Despite this, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything quite like the latest one-off Rover design from industrial and vehicle designer, M. Doruk Erdem, dubbed the “PEGASUS.”

Aside from the generally boxy nature of Erdem’s design, very little of the original Defender remains on the digital render. Drawing inspiration from fire trucks and other emergency rescue and response vehicles, the design features a large cabin set ahead of a pickup bed and atop a 6×6 platform. Powering the behemoth overlander is an unspecified mid-mounted engine that generates a hypothetical 800hp. Flared out wheel wells provide plenty of space for the tires’ suspension travel while the bed and rooftop racks collectively afford an enormous amount of real estate for luggage, equipment, and gear. To see more work from M. Doruk Erdem, you can check out the designer’s Instagram page linked below.

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