Land Rover Series 1 Prototype Restoration

The first time the public laid eyes on a Land Rover was at the 1948 Amsterdam motor show. And we think its safe to say, the brand’s emergence changed the face of the automotive industry forever. Now, by an incredible stroke of luck, the folks at Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works got their hands on one of the original Series 1 pre-production prototypes. And they’re restoring it to its former glory.

So the story goes, this vehicle was actually road-going up until the 1960s – when it mysteriously vanished. Apparently, after it disappeared, it sat in the middle of a field in the Welsh countryside for the better part of 20 years, after which it was purchased by someone intending to turn it into a restoration project. Unfortunately, it wen’t by the wayside and became a garden accoutrement, yet again. Finally, the folks at JLR happened upon it by a stroke of luck, as the garden it sat in was just miles down the road from the facility. Now, after 70 years, the vehicle is set to be restored back to its former glory. We’ll look forward to updates on this project as it’s completed over the course of 2018.

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