Land Rover Defender “Project 13” by ECD

Looks life famed East Coast Defender knocks yet another project out of the park with their all new “Project 13,” based on a two-door Defender D90. It was built out for professional soccer players Servando Carrasco and his Olympic gold medal-winning wife Alex Morgan, who each had a hand in the design of the mean off-road machine. Clearly, they both possess good taste.

The name “Project 13,” which pays tribute to Morgan’s jersey number, isn’t a bad way to treat yourself after a lifetime of discipline and practice. Obviously, the reward matches all that hard work. As for the work this Defender puts out, how does a 326 horsepower GM LC9 V8 engine under the hood sound? It’s controlled via a GM 6-speed automatic transmission and ECD also gave this ride a sleek Keswick Green paint job with a black top. The interior of the ride was also upgraded as well with all leather upholstery and a premium infotainment system that keeps everything in check while letting the tunes properly pump. Smooth yet tactical. Sounds a bit like soccer, doesn’t it.