Land Rover Defender D90 Keswick Green

It would appear that hit after hit keeps rolling out of the Cool & Vintage workshop – proof once again with their new Land Rover Defender D90 in Keswick Green. Looking like a military-inspired safari vehicle, this fully restored 2008 D90 boasts the perfect color scheme to complement any backcountry adventure.

After hours upon hours of diligent mechanical work and touching up the interior, the finished cream upholstery and canvas top now add a touch of luxury to the ride’s meaty Puma engine and brand new BF Goodrich Mud tires to keep the traction going when those off road trails get slick during the rainy season. From the remote beaches to the mountainous terrain, this restoration is once again evidence of Land Rover’s timeless appeal and Cool & Vintage’s talent and vision in the world of bespoke aftermarket projects.

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