Land Rover Defender AV One by 31mm

When nature calls, you better have a vehicle that can handle any and all terrain. Because there’s nothing worse than getting stranded in transit to either to or from your destination. So for those with the appetite for adventure and a willingness to push the limits of what an off-road vehicle can handle, look no further than the 31mm AV One, built upon a 2007 Land Rover Defender TD5.

The AV One features a powerful 2.5L Turbo Diesel 5 cylinder engine boasting 220hp and a turbo boost module to get you out of those tough spots. Also for the aquatic lovers, there’s a powder coated snorkel to keep you chugging along. Among the myriad of other features, the AV One offers outdoor adventurers the reliability of the Land Rover brand, and durability in the harshest conditions. The go-anywhere 4×4 was built by our friend Jay Hayden in Europe. After purchasing the truck for roughly $40,000, he dropped about $30,000 in modifications to achieve the results you see here. And while he has no intentions of selling this particular model, he did let us know that he has plans to release 8 more late model Defenders – all of which will be for sale.

31mm Land Rover AV One 2

31mm Land Rover AV One 5

31mm Land Rover AV One 4

31mm Land Rover AV One 6

31mm Land Rover AV One 7

31mm Land Rover AV One 3