Land Rover Defender 90 Spectre Edition

If it’s in a Bond movie, it’s cool. That simple rule has held true for a surprisingly long time. For over fifty years the Bond films have featured some of the most impressive guns, clothes, and cars that the world has had to offer. Often they’ve been so rare (or imaginative) that no one could get their hands on them, but that hasn’t always been the case. It just so happens that you can actually buy one of the most recent inclusions in the film’s franchise – the Spectre Edition Land Rover 90 by Tweaked Automotive.

Built by the London based shop, this blacked out monster of a car was made to be an exact replica of the one that appeared in the 2015 Spectre. It’s more than just a looker. Featuring a 4 cylinder turbodiesel engine that pumps 165 horses through a manual 6 speed transmission, this can take on terrain just as rough as Craig’s Bond conquered in the film. Given that the vehicle boasts 4 wheel drive, 35 inch tires on 16 inch beadlock wheels, and 361 pound feet of torque, that should come as no surprise. When it comes to the interior of the car – every part of it can be customized to the owner’s request. Well, unless you’re looking to equip missiles and an ejection seat. Those come separately. Prices are available on request. [Purchase]

Spectre Edition Land Rover 90 1

Spectre Edition Land Rover 90 2

Spectre Edition Land Rover 90 3

Spectre Edition Land Rover 90 4