HIMALAYA’s LS3-Powered Defender Celebrates 70 Years Of Off-Road Prowess

The Land Rover Defender is one of, if not the most, recognizable off-road platforms ever built, and with over 70 years of tested performance at its back, the vehicle remains as prolific as ever among enthusiasts and collectors. To celebrate the Defender’s 70th anniversary, one of the industry’s finest aftermarket outfitters, HIMALAYA, has decided to pay tribute through unparalleled design.

The HIMALAYA 70th Anniversary Defender arrives as a modernized but simplistic iteration of the renowned vehicle, calling upon minimal aesthetic upgrades to retain the recognizable character of the vintage off-roader. However, below its fiery red exterior, a new 525 horsepower LS3 V8 engine and a lowered sport-tuned suspension have been implemented alongside the Defender’s upgraded powertrain, front and rear skid plates, Fox shocks, and sturdy roll cage, giving it an aura of modern, performance-focused appeal. The 70th Anniversary Defender’s modifications aren’t limited to the external realm, either. Inside, an interactive touchscreen dashboard outfitted with Bluetooth, USB, and HDMI entertainment capabilities, heated seats, and high-intensity LED markers offer drivers a suite of modernized updates to bridge the gap between vintage appeal and contemporary tech. Head to HIMALAYA’s website to inquire about the build, or find inspiration for your own upcoming restoration project.

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