Land Rover Defender 110 ‘Predator’

We see a lot of folks try their hand at making out-of-this-world concepts based on classic cars. Few, however, manage to stand out as good-looking, impressively imagined, and desirable. Fewer still are as drop-jaw cool as this Land Rover Defender 110 SUV, dubbed ‘Predator,’ by Markus Hammarberg – the brilliant designer behind Island Defender.

Originally envisioned as an ACU (Asset Containment Unit) for use at the fictional Jurassic World theme park, this badass SUV was designed specifically for taking down dinosaurs. But it isn’t all imaginary (okay, maybe the InGen Twin-Turret 50cal tranquilizer gun on top is). This fictional build is actually loaded with real-world after-market custom parts. The long list includes a reinforced roll cage and roof rack, Maxxis mud tires on custom Hutchinson beadlock wheels, custom wheel arches from S.S. Gíslason that serve to give you a look at the Old Man Emu dampers and springs beneath, a WARN Zeon Platinum 10,000-pound Winch, and more. If we were in charge of supplying a dinosaur-filled zoo with battle-ready off-roaders, we’d definitely want something pretty much exactly like this.

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