ECD’s ‘Project Henry’ Is A Pearly Custom Series IIA With A Corvette Engine

East Coast Defender never ceases to amaze us with its consistency, and after gawking over virtually every build they’ve ever done, we’ve come to understand that when speaking on heritage Land Rovers, there are few companies who can match their resolve. The brand’s most recent build, Project Henry, is a testament to its reputation as a tasteful forerunner in the restorative genre — and now, we’ve got a new vehicle to add to our bucket list.

Project Henry arrives under the guise of Land Rover’s Custom Series IIA, giving it vintage appeal for any collector who’s looking to recapture the nostalgia of its early models. After heading into the shop, the Henry’s powerful and dependable GM Corvette LS3 engine was updated with all-new ancillaries, while a set of modernized, performance-focused springs were adopted to define the Land Rover’s customized suspension system. Looking past its classic Chawton White exterior, visual upgrades appear to be plentiful, calling upon the addition of Lady Terra vinyl upholstery, chestnut stitching, and a vintage cockpit that’s been kept as close to the original as possible, to enhance the iconic off-roader’s urban appeal. Of course, this wondrous hunk of metal wouldn’t go anywhere without a set of large, trail-domineering BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires. If you’re looking to procure one of your own custom builds, head to ECD’s website for more information.

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