Land Rover Classic Revitalizes The Defender With Bespoke Upgrades

Although Land Rover has placed a staunch focus on its commitment to the company’s new platforms, the Defender remains one of the most iconic vehicles to come out of the automaker’s coffers. To show their support for the generational vehicle, Land Rover Classic has announced an entirely new range of bespoke upgrades for the SUV, in an effort to bring it more in line with the limited-edition Defender Works V8 70th Edition.

For those who are lucky enough to own one of Land Rover’s 90 and 110 derivatives, which were built between 1994 and 2016, the company will release three tiers of possible upgrades, alongside a bespoke diamond-turned wheel kit that will give your cruiser an illustrious look, unmatched by the company’s alternative platforms. The first collection, dubbed the Defender Suspension Upgrade Kit ($2,220), will feature revised coil spring rates, dampers, anti-roll bars, links, and bushings. The second, a Defender Handling Upgrade Kit ($12,110), proceeds to replace the vehicle’s stock calipers, pads, and discs with counterparts from the uprated Works V8 line, 18-inch Sawtooth alloy wheels, and enhanced suspension components. The third and final iteration of Land Rover Classic’s upgrade package is the Defender Classic Works Upgrade Kit, which boasts all of the aforementioned wheel, suspension, and brake upgrades, alongside performance-rated tires and an additional 40-horsepower under the hood. If you’re looking to secure the full experience, it’ll set you back a healthy $20,640. Head to Land Rover’s website for more information.

Purchase: $2,230+