Lance 2.0 Luxury Smart Glasses

Glasses are a must-have piece of everyday wear for many, and whether you use them for aesthetic or medical purposes, there’s no doubt that keeping them in top form is one of your greatest priorities. French eyewear designer Lance Glasses’ latest offering is a step in the right direction, bringing consumers a fashion-friendly set of bifocals that sport durable, innovative materials — and they won’t break the bank.

Lance’s 2.0 luxury eyewear isn’t “smart” in the traditional sense — there are no heads-up-displays, heart rate monitoring, or mood tracking — but they do utilize a unique smart alloy that was developed by NASA to give them a flexible, form-fitting frame. Alongside a stylish minimalistic silhouette, the Lance Smart Bridge is completely bendable, housing a memory shape alloy that returns the glasses to their original form no matter the stress and a variety of premium materials that add to the intrinsic value of the bifocals. From a feather-light Skylon frame with titanium hinges and smudge-resistant UV protective lenses that were developed through nanotechnology, all the way to hypoallergenic construction, the 2.0 Luxury Glasses are on track to become the only eyewear you’ll ever need.

Kickstarter: $90+