Lamzac Hangout Air Hammock

This giant nylon balloon by Lamzac is going to be a summer season essential this year. Super packable and easy to inflate, it acts as an air hammock that you can take with you wherever you go – no trees or posts required.

Setting up your Lamzac is simple too. All you have to do is to unfurl it from the pack, open the mouth of the bag, and take a couple swipes to fill it up. Once it’s full, just roll the top down a few times, clip it shut, and you’re ready to spend the rest of the day kicking back in comfort. The center of the Lamzac is recessed so it acts as a cradle to keep you from rolling out one way or the other. Made out of durable ripstop nylon, this air-hammock can hold weights of up to 400 pounds. Pick one up for $72. [Purchase]