Lamborghini Updates Its Urus SUV With The Matte-Finished ‘Graphite Capsule’

Plenty of companies have adopted the Lamborghini Urus platform for their aftermarket endeavors, boosting the performance SUV’s horsepower, aerodynamics, and aesthetics. However, few can provide an experience quite like the original. As it turns out, Lamborghini is offering its own visual upgrade kit for the 2021 model year — a shadowy, texturized variant clad in the manufacturer’s aptly-named “Graphite Capsule.”

The Graphite Capsule will make its debut alongside the company’s 2021 Urus model and will feature a handful of exclusive configurations, satin-effect matte colors, and contrasting details for unparalleled personalization potential. To kick off the collection, four unique mattes are available: Nero Noctis, Grigio Keres, Grigio Nimbus, and Bianco Monocerus. These eye-catching colors are accompanied by a gloss black rear diffusor, 23-inch Taigete rims, and a striking, dual-tone interior that elaborates upon the Urus’ original with ventilated Alcantara seats, carbon fiber inserts, and signature hexagonal Q-citura stitching. Below the hood, a powerful, 650-horsepower V8 twin-turbocharged engine provides the perfect foundation for balanced performance. Head to Lamborghini’s website to learn more about the upcoming Graphite Capsule.

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