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The 830HP SCV12 Track-Only Hypercar Boasts Lambo’s Most Powerful V12

In May, Lamborghini teased an upcoming project that would send a ripple through the automotive world. What the company didn’t reveal, however, was that the high-profile racing circuit would also be affected by its impending release. Now, the Italian automaker has revealed its newest platform, the SCV12: a monstrous, track-only hypercar that boasts the most powerful V12 engine the company has ever produced.

The Lamborghini SCV12 makes its debut as the first-ever release developed by its Squadra Corse racing division, capturing the eyes, and ears, of the genre’s most influential figures. Thanks to its naturally aspirated V12 powerplant, cutting-edge aerodynamics, and a featherweight carbon-fiber chassis, the car has been touted to produce around 830 horsepower. In order to counteract the engine’s immense power, as well as keep the car on the roadway, Lamborghini has employed a unique system that translates dynamic air pressure and directs it into the SCV12’s intake manifold, increasing static air pressure and promoting greater airflow. The hypercar retains the brand’s lauded rear-wheel-drive layout and sequential six-speed gearbox. As a bonus, the few drivers who get their hands on the ultra-limited model will gain admission to Lamborghini’s advanced driving program, where they’ll be tutored by five-time 24 Hours of Le Mans winner, Emanuele Pirro, on the world’s most prestigious circuits. Head to the company’s website to learn more.

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