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Khyzyl Saleem Transforms Lambo’s Miura Into An Off-Road Safari Racer

The Lamborghini Miura is inarguably one of the most beautiful cars ever made. It’s graceful, elegant, and stylish. But even though its form may be best suited for high-speed cruises around Lake Como, it also works as a rugged off-road racer, as designer Khyzyl Saleem proves in his latest render.

Inspired by the Singer ACS, the stunning modern-day Safari 911 unveiled earlier this year by everyone’s favorite Porsche modifiers, The Kyza’s Lamborghini Miura AT (All-Terrain) is envisioned as a competitor to the ACS in an imagined modern race series. For the design, the Miura’s unmistakable body has been left largely intact (you can’t mess with perfection, after all) but the wheel arches have been raised and the body has been lifted several inches above its aggressive Fuel Off-Road Unit wheels and all-terrain tires. An inner roll cage has been added, along with a sleek roof scoop and carbon fiber rocker panels. The most notable addition comes in the form of a massive and wild front splitter/mud flap assembly that was lifted almost directly from the ACS. We’d love to see this design come to life, so who wants to contact Singer about switching their focus from Porsches to Lambos?

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