Ash Thorp’s Zodiac Is A Lamborghini LM002 Trophy Truck Ready For Desert Racing

The Lamborghini LM002 is already legendary, as the ‘80s truck remains the most rugged and beefy Lambo that’s ever made it to production — including tractors. But would the Rambo Lambo be even more of a legend if it had been outfitted for Baja races back in the day? That’s the world illustrator Ash Thorp has imagined with The Zodiac, a killer LM002 Baja truck concept.

For the design of The Zodiac, Thorp kept most of the lines from the original LM002 while accenting some areas to give the vehicle more of a “fighter” look. The Zodiac certainly looks leaner and lighter than the bulky LM002, and it boasts considerably more ground clearance with larger, more aggressive tires and shocks. Also added is the prominent bull logo on the mesh grille, along with rally-inspired lighting. While the original LM002 was powered by a V12 from a Countach, Thorp has left it up in the air as to whether The Zodiac will feature a similar powerplant or an electric powertrain. But considering the fact that the render still has the original’s hood cowl, we’re going to assume that it’s rocking 12 cylinders. You can see more of the build by heading over to @ashthorp on Instagram.

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