Mad Mike’s 800HP Lamborghini Huracán Drifts Into Goodwood

Red Bull is on a neverending quest to create the most insane content in the industry. And when it comes to cars, they know a thing or two about building the perfect crowd pleaser. One of the company’s top athletes, ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett, has made a name for himself as one of the world’s premier drift champions. Now, for the outfit’s most recent project, he’s been spotted behind the wheel of a beastly, 800-horsepower Lamborghini Huracán by the name of ‘Nimbul.’

The Nimbul is set to be revealed at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed — but, for now, we’ve been treated to a showcase of the supercar’s abilities thanks to a cinematic teaser. In Red Bull’s recent introduction, the 800-horsepower drift machine can be seen racing alongside a Russian-built 9,500kg KAMAZ MASTER truck, which carves, transitions, and plows through any terrain that’s been set in front of it. The Huracán is still the star of the show, however, boasting a hand-built steering system and sway bar, alongside a digital suspension system that allows for the vehicle to sit closer to the ground — improving its aerodynamic performance. An ECU upgrade, nitrous integration, and performance brakes serve as the primary modifications here — but visually, the car’s dubious widebody kit (crafted by Liberty Walk’s Kato San) brings it into a higher echelon of criminality.

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