Lamborghini Drops The Top On The Huracán EVO With 602HP RWD Spyder

It wasn’t long ago that Lamborghini gifted the automotive world with a genre-splitting rear-wheel-drive example of its Huracán EVO supercar — a powerful, but simplified version of its AWD flagship. Now, the company has decided to take yet another step in the direction of driver-machine-interconnectivity, thanks to the introduction of its roofless Huracán Spyder.

Lamborghini’s departure from its hard-topped lineage isn’t anything new, but for the 5.2-liter, V10-powered platform, it opens the door for an entirely new sense of driving stimulus. Instead of the gasoline particulate filters used in other high-end supercars, the Huracán EVO has opted for a more natural approach, allowing its monstrous, 602-horsepower engine to sing its own tune as it whips around your favorite backcountry driving roads. Although it falls short of the AWD Spyder’s power output, it’s still a performance-focused platform, offering drivers a 3.5-second 0-62, a 201 mile-per-hour top speed, and an almost 75-pound weight cut, due to the dismissal of its all-wheel-drive system. And if you’re worried about inclement weather, never fear – you’ll be able to raise the EVO Spyder’s fabric soft-top at speeds up to 31 miles-per-hour. Look for the $229,430 supercar to hit showroom floors in the summer of 2020.

Purchase: $229,430