1016 Gives The Lamborghini Huracan EVO Its First 100% Forged Carbon Kit

The task of taking what are already the world’s most elite, high-performance cars and turning them into even more exotic machines is no easy feat — but for the crew at 1016 Industries, it’s all just part of a day’s work. And the Miami-based aftermarket carbon fiber and ECU tuning outfit has now delivered yet another even more radical take on one of today’s most impressive hypercars, bestowing the Lamborghini Huracan EVO with the model’s first-ever fully forged carbon fiber bodywork kit.

The kit includes a forged carbon hood, fore and aft diffusers, and fenders that maintain the stocker’s low drag-coefficient while adding a substantial amount of lightness. Seldom merely content with visual upgrades, 1016’s forthcoming Huracan EVO kit also adds another 20hp (and 19ft-lbs of torque) to the already-potent 5.2L V10, resulting in a claimed output of 650hp. And, to compensate for the naturally-aspirated engine’s boost in power, the South Florida firm has outfitted the kitted ride with a carbon rear wing for a bit of added downforce as well as some added track-inspired aesthetics. Also offered in a regular woven carbon fiber material, the kit is available in both standard- and wide-body versions. You can keep an eye out for information regarding the imminent release of the Forged Carbon Fiber Kit for the Lamborghini Huracan EVO By 1016 Industries on the company’s website.

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