Lamborghini Has Officially Revealed Its 830HP Essenza SCV12 Hypercar

Last week, we touched base on Lamborghini’s new track-only hypercar, the SCV12. The automotive world was abuzz as photos of the sleek, speed-savvy racer began to circulate around the industry, and while the teaser was chock full of camo-covered imagery, speculation arose as to whether or not the vehicle would stay true to its proposed form. Now, the Italian automaker has “officially” revealed the Essenza SCV12, and as far as we can tell, it’s fitting of the Lamborghini name.

As stated during its initial reveal over a week ago, the hypercar stands as a tribute, and testament, to Lamborghini’s naturally-aspirated V12 engine — a trademark of the brand since 1963. As such, it takes on the most powerful V12 that the Sant’Agata Bolognese outfit has ever produced, garnering 830-horsepower for true, on-track domination. To deal with the vehicle’s monstrous power, a new, chassis-mounted X-trac sequential six-speed gearbox has been introduced, working alongside a new-gen carbon fiber monocoque chassis, push-rod rear suspension, and an aerodynamic suite that offers higher downforce levels than a GT3 racecar, to do its bidding. Since this limited-to-40 model is tailored for the track, it’s also the first GT car that’s been developed to adhere to FIA prototype safety rules, ensuring adequate safety, torsional rigidity, and power to take on the world’s finest circuits. Head to Lamborghini’s website for more information.

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