Mansory Is Building Three 220MPH, 810HP Carbon Fiber Lamborghini SVJs

In preparation for the (now-canceled) 2020 Geneva Motor Show, German luxury tuning outfit, Mansory prepared eleven new vehicles for release. And while each bespoke machine from the Brand-based firm, the new Mansory model to garner the most attention is undoubtedly its Lamborghini Aventador SVJ-based Cabrera.

Mansory has treated the Italian hypercar to a full carbon fiber widebody kit that adds an additional 1.575” of width to the already wide and aggressive ride. The interior has also received an equally-involved makeover, with a custom color-matched upholstery package and a more-than-generous amount of forged carbon fiber accent pieces and inlays, including the steering wheel itself. Underneath the hood, the SVJ’s 6.5L engine has also been overhauled, with the V12 now generating 575ft-lbs of torque and 810hp, allowing for 2.6-second 0-60mph times and a top speed of over 220mph — a healthy bump over the stocker’s 759hp, 531ft-lbs, and 2.8-second 0-60 time. Named after a breed of Spanish Fighting Bull, the Cabrera is rounded out with a set of custom wheels and a chameleon paint livery over its custom carbon bodywork. Mansory will be producing only three examples of the Cabrera.

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