Lambo’s 770HP SVJ Gets Novitec Performance & Carbon Fiber Upgrades

The Italian automotive magnates at Lamborghini have made a habit out of stretching the life of their offerings by reinventing them on a fairly regular basis. Such is the case with the Aventador supercar, which received a new, limited-run 770HP variant called the SVJ not too long ago. And while the factory version was plenty impressive, the folks at Novitec have just made it even better.

As you can tell, the spirit of the Aventador SVJ is still very much intact within Novitec’s upgrade kit — if not a bit more aggressive in its styling than it was previously. What you will notice, however, is that the upgrades include loads of wind-tunnel-tested naked carbon fiber body parts — like air intake scoops, a spoiler lip, front and rear flaps, and rocker panel attachments. What’s not immediately noticeable, however, is that the kit also boasts some performance upgrades — from an upgraded suspension to a steel high-performance exhaust and more. There are even cabin upgrades with materials like Alcantara and even more carbon fiber, if you want them. Of course, if you want to know pricing and availability, you’ll have to get in touch with Novitec.

Purchase: $160