Lagunitas Supercritical Beer

For better or worse, beer and weed have always had a pretty close relationship. Especially in California. With cultural attitudes changing and legalization just months away in the state, it looks like that long friendship is beginning to mature. Introducing the Lagunitas Supercritical.

Before you get too excited (or scandalized), this beer does not get you high. Instead, the limited edition brew uses marijuana terpenes – a component of marijuana’s essential oils responsible for the plant’s unique aromatics. The terpenes used in this beer came courtesy of Sonoma County-based AbsoluteXtracts. The two companies found they had a similar approach and philosophy -and ended up collaborating not only on this beer, but with a vape juice paired with hop terpenes. The result of this unique combination is a skunky smell and a uniquely fuzzy mouthfeel. As of right now, the beer will only be available on tap a select number of bars in California. It could very well end up canned – though we’re not sure about the legality of shipping that across state lines.

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