Laffite’s 720HP Off-Road Supercar Is Ready For A Day At The Dunes

Conceptual vehicles are often just that: conceptual. Some of them are creative projects that question our propensity to create — or fulfill a genre of automotive culture yet untapped. In 2015, the United Arab Emirates-based Zarooq Motors sought to do just that with its street-legal, Dakar-styled racer, before going belly-up in 2018. Now, the company’s Operations Manager, Bruno Laffite, has revived the project under his own name.

The limited-to-30 Laffite G-Tec X-Road is largely identical to its predecessor, calling upon the same outlandish styling, angular bodywork, and an off-road silhouette inspired by today’s most popular supercars. Below the hood, an LT3 motor has been implemented to produce around 470-horsepower — a step down from the vehicle’s previous 525-hp, 6.2-liter GM LT1 V8 setup. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t options. For some additional cash, you’ll be able to acquire one of these rear-wheel-drive sand sleds with a supercharged 720-horsepower output. A gigantic 17-inches of travel at both the front and rear of the X-Road ensure plenty of clearance for adventures off the beaten path, while inside, a mixture of carbon, metal, and leather components blur the lines between dune-ready off-roader and premium automotive platform. You can order your own or around $465,00+ from Laffite Supercars’ website.

Purchase: $465,000+