Unless you have access to a local lab or have taken the time to build out a makeshift one in your garage – you know that developing film can be a real pain. If you don’t have all the tools yourself, it takes a lot of extra time and money on your part to go to a private lab and put your precious rolls in the hands of strangers. But now thanks to the Lab-Box, you can develop all of your own film without the hassle.

This dark box is designed to take both 35mm and medium format film while protecting it from light exposure as you run it through the developer, stop bath, and fix. Shoot in both medium and 35mm? No worries. Depending on which format you are using in, you can easily switch out the two modules. For those who have spent time struggling to hand-spool your 35mm film into a canister in the pitch dark – it is hard not to wonder why this wasn’t dreamt up years ago. Jealousy aside, this is sure to make the whole process of analog photography that much more enjoyable and accessible. Prices start at $100. [Purchase]