La Marzocco Celebrates 30 Years of the Linea with a Legacy Home Edition

Jun 24, 2022

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Coffee culture has really grown over the past 30 years. Words like “cappuccino” and “latte” have become common in the American lexicon thanks to the rise of upscale coffee houses in the ‘90s. A big reason for this revolution was the Linea Classic, a dual boiler espresso machine that allowed the mechanics of drink-making to be much more simplified. The appliance, invented by Piero Bambi and his company La Marzocco, was quickly desired by baristas everywhere, and eventually, it was difficult to visit a cafe without seeing one of these machines in place.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Linea, La Marzocco is releasing the Legacy Linea Mini, a special edition of the Linea Mini that was originally made for use in the home kitchen. Standing 15″ tall and weighing 71lbs, the Legacy edition is based on Piero Bambi’s very first drawings for the ‘90s Classic model. As such, the Linea has always been just as much a stylistic masterpiece as it is a functioning and innovative appliance.

Before rationalism gave rise to modernism, the Italian architectural movement was built into La Marzocco’s origins in the 1920s and ’30s. Likewise, the original Linea was intentionally structured after the clean lines and edges of that era. Bambi’s first sketches made note that the lines on the machine would be decals capable of getting peeled off. However, designers eventually went with hand-stenciled lines instead. The latest edition features these accents in vermillion red.

The 2022 Special Edition Legacy Linea Mini is currently up for pre-order now on La Marzocco’s website for $7,200, with deliveries expected for this September. Limited quantities are available.

Purchase: $7,200

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