L-08 Muonionalusta Meteorite Knife

Based in the historic capital of French cutlery, Thiers, the knife makers at Perceval specialize in crafting handmade kitchen, table, and folding knives that have a modern look and feel. This cutlery workshop has built a reputation for itself by working closely with chefs and designers to put a distinct spin on their wares, but we think they may have outdone themselves with this Muonionalusta Damascus Blade.

The most amazing part about this knife is that the handle is actually made from a portion of the Munionalusta meteorite that struck what is now Northern Scandinavia millions of years ago. This new blade from Perceval is the first instance of craftsmen being able to sculpt a solid meteorite into a knife handle – and the result is really astounding. The shock-metamorphosed meteor handle consists of iron, nickel, gallium, germanium, and small amounts of iridium, which contrasts strikingly with the forged damascus steel blade. A beauty itself, this blade measures in at a 56 on the Rockwell Hardness scale, and is just 3.74 inches long. The knife comes with a certificate of authenticity, a hand-sewn ostrich leather pouch, and retails for around $4,500. Rocks from space are expensive. [Purchase]